True Life Stories Dictated by Former American Slaves in the 1930s

Supplementary History Books

"I WAS A SLAVE" books:

  • The District of Columbia Public Schools conducted its mandatory and very rigorous screening process. The review committee passed the books with praises.

  • The Virginia Public School System hired Ms. Howell to conduct workshops exclusively to teach teachers.  (The four workshops, lasting two days, were designed to accommodate 50 participants each, but up to 70 teachers crowded themselves into each of the classes -- with some outside in the hall!)

  • Georgetown University (where Ms. Howell taught a class), Cornell University (for a roundtable discussion), and other universities have availed their students of her specialized supplemental history instruction.
  • Libraries of grade schools through colleges include the books. Teachers use them as reference material, especially for the younger students. A few hundred public and private school teachers nationwide have purchased the books to include in their lesson plans.

U.S. Government's Educational Outreach

The federal government hired Ms. Howell:

  • to teach classes to students aged 11-13

  • to speak to government employees involved in Equal Employment Opportunity in order to show the aftermath of slavery on America

  • to conduct panels and workshops for governmental agencies

Teaching International Awareness

International education and awareness has begun:

  • The books are being used as supplemental world history textbooks by teachers in Germany and in Vienna, Austria.

  • At the International African Diaspora Conference, the government of Bermuda brought Ms. Howell to Bermuda to speak and to give her expert advice directly (one-on-one) to international VIPs, including:

The Honorable Jennifer Smith
     Premier (President) of Bermuda

The Most Revd. Njongonkulu W.H. Ndungane
     Archbishop of Cape Town

The Rt. Hon. Justice Benjamin Mutanga Ito
     Supreme Court Justice from Cameroon

The Honorable George W.B. Haley
     Former U.S. Ambassador (and brother of Alex Haley)

General Mamadou Mansour Seck
     Ambassador of Senegal to the United States

Karen Ford-Warner
     Representative of the Caribbean

Bome Bromillow Jeck
       Ministry of Culture, Nigeria

Dr. Jay B. Haviser
     Ministry of Education and Culture of the Netherlands

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