True Life Stories Dictated by Former American Slaves in the 1930s

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Donna Wyant Howell

Donna Wyant Howell

Ms. Howell is

  • a specialized historian with in-depth research experience in the WPA slave narratives
    Ms. Howell has the unique distinction of being the only known historian who specializes exclusively in the slave narratives on a full-time basis.
  • the compiler of The I WAS A SLAVE Book Collection which is available throughout the United States and also in Canada, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Bermuda, Austria, and Japan. The series is being used as reference books in hundreds of grade schools, junior and high schools, colleges and universities (such as Notre Dame, Howard University, and Georgetown, among others), and public libraries.
    She and the nationally acclaimed book series have been featured on NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, CNN, C-SPAN, Voice of America, PBS, NPR, The Washington Post, The New York Times, dozens of newspapers, magazines, radio broadcasts, and other national and international venues.
  • a keynote speaker for programs about her specialized expertise in American history for many federal government agencies, universities, civic and religious organizations, genealogical societies, conventions, and special functions
  • an editor for almost three decades and a newspaper columnist who uses the words of the former slaves to write articles distributed to approximately 210 newspapers nationwide
  • a special instructor of supplemental American history classes (sponsored by the federal government and colleges)
    She has conducted these student-participation classes from the junior high school level (ages 11-13 years) through the university level.
  • an expert consultant and narrator for PBS and other television programs about slavery
  • the National Director of the American Slaves Foundation, which has chapters in 28 states and the District of Columbia and has over 340 volunteer area coordinators throughout the United States (http://www.AmericanSlavesFoundation.org)
  • an honoree and recipient of special awards: Women of Washington honoree (other honorees include Mrs. Sadat, former First Lady of Egypt; Dorothy Height; Helen Thomas, the highest ranking member of the White House press; and Patti LaBelle), the US Postal Service Special Award for Black History Month; Blacks in Government honoree; and many plaques and appreciation certificates from genealogical associations, Afrocentric groups, American history organizations, the California State Assembly, the California State Senate, and the Premier (President) of Bermuda

A graduate of Howard University, Donna Wyant Howell previously was an editor at the executive offices of the Marriott Corporation and at the National Academy of Sciences.

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